Geethika Albums

Featuring the most popular geethika playlists within the Christian community in Sri Lanka. We invite you to contribute by sending suggestions. We thank the Lord for all those who have been annointed to be able to speak about God's Love through music. May God Bless you!

Jesu Upanda

ජේසු උපන්දා
Jesu Upanda Album

Sanda Dothata Evi Album

සඳ දෝතට ඒවී
Sanda Dothata Evi Album

Adarayaka Mahime

ආදරයක මහිමේ
Adarayaka Mahime Album

Adarayata Liyawunu Gee

ආදරයට ලියවුනු ගී
Adarayata Liyawunu Gee Album

Yayuthu Gamana

යායුතු ගමන
Yayuthu Gamana Album

Punchi Thithak

පුන්චි තිතක්
Punchi Thithak


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